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Dr Abhishek Parolia graduated from Manipal University and awarded a gold medal in Conservative Dentistry and
Endodontics. Currently, he is the Head of Division of Clinical Dentistry. He has been very active in practicing
Endodontics and training young dentists for more than 14 years and has a vast experience of MicroEndodontics
and retreatment cases. He received a Research Incentive Award in 2010 and 2011 from Manipal University and
Marquis Award (USA) in 2011. He was awarded for his significant contribution as a newcomer in 2011, invaluable
contribution in leading ICDAS initiative in 2014, E-learning Innovation Award (Team category) in 2016 and best
faculty presentation (ERG) in International Association of Dental Research (IADR) held in San Francisco, USA,
2017. He has also been selected as a reviewer for Cariology Research, International Association of Dental
Research (IADR)/PER, 2017-2018 and nominated for the secretary post, 2018-2019 and vice president post, 2019-2020 IADR
Cariology group. He is a member of ICDAS National Benchmark Group, Malaysia. He has published more than 50 scientific papers in
national and international peer-reviewed journals and authored five chapters in three text books. He has conducted workshops
and lectured locally and internationally at many countries namely India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Combodia Thailand, Hong
Kong, Dubai, Brazil, Australia and Canada

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