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Rubber Dam Techniques And Bioclear Concepts

Short Courses
Description :-

During this 2 day workshop Dr Disha Agarwal will take you through various rubberdam techniques and revolutionary bioclear concepts for composite restoration. In Rubberdamology, we will focus on armamentarium, single tooth isolation, multiple tooth isolation, quadrant isolation and isolation for teeth with FPD and orthodontic brackets. Bioclear concepts were developed by Dr David Clark with a goal to enhance the lives of patients by expanding the possibilities of restorative dentistry. In Bioclear concepts we believe in preservation of healthy tooth structure for longevity and future possibilities. We focus on additive dentistry to preserve healthy tooth while addressing the patient’s aesthetic and functional concerns.

This workshop focuses on five major cornerstones of bioclear concepts for both anterior and posterior solutions which are:

1) Biofilm Removal

2) Tooth Preparation Based on Cala Lily Designs and Principles

3) Matrice Selection and Handling

4) Injection Overmolding of Heated Composite

5) Rockstar Polishing

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rubber dam techniques and bioclear concepts

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Day 1 : 11 January 2020
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Description :

Day  1

8:30am - 2:00pm: Rubberdam techniques (demonstration with hands-on)

2:00pm - 3:00pm: Lunch break

3:00pm - 8:00pm: Introduction to bioclear concepts, natural tooth hands- on

                               exercise, aquacare demo and hands-on, rockstar polishing exercise

Day 2 : 12 January 2020
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Description :

Day 2

8:30am - 2:00pm: Posterior solutions lecture & hands-on class ll cala lily

                               prep-typhodont exercise

2:00pm - 3:00pm: Lunch break

3:00pm - 8:00pm: Anterior solutions lecture & hands-on for diastema closure

                               and class III typhodont exercise