Mastering CBCT in Dentistry (ONLINE)

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Description :-

The challenges of mastering this technology can be daunting; so here is an opportunity to learn the art of Mastering CBCT with this foundation program. This program can be completed in your comfort zone and time with a set of online lectures and modules focusing on CBCT while keeping it simple and directed to routine dental practice. Learn from the basics of image quality to advanced software and confidently navigate 3D volumes for improved diagnosis, treatment planning, documentation and customised report generation on one platform. The course is suited for all who wish to gain proficiency in reading CBCT scans

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Learning Objectives :-

1. Basic parameters of good image quality and understanding the importance of the same with respective specialities in dentistry. 2. Optimal computers and screens to study CBCT scans. 3. Keeping ALARA in centre stage discussing radiation hazards with CBCT and comparing it to intra-oral and Panoramic radiography. 4. American, European and Indian Academy of Maxillofacial Radiology guidelines for the patient and imaging protocol. 5. Handle CBCT data, share scans, DICOM formats and its importance in Integrated Dentistry. 6. Limitations in CBCT and tips to overcome them. 7. How to read CBCT scan images from various software, PDFs and recognising anatomical landmarks in the dento-maxillofacial region with CBCT. 8. Implant Planning on CBCT, from single tooth to Tilted implant used in All on 4 or pterygoid regions. 9. In Endodontics utilise 3D information to achieve good prognosis well before beginning of the treatment. 10. Presurgical site analysis, Assessment of Impacted teeth, third molars, Periodontics and avoiding last minute surprises and surgical complications. 11. Read Pathologies of the jaw and TMJ for early intervention and better prognosis. 12. The art of writing a radiological CBCT report.

Other Information :-
1. Complimentary assistance by Dr Alok Lathi to help read the first five scans in your practice. 2. 10 MCQ needs to be answered by each participant on completion of each module to gain course certificate 3. The modules & MCQ’s will be made available via Google Drive access for a period of 6 months. Re- subscription charges: 100 dollars ( No certificate, no support, only online lectures)

The modules & MCQ’s will be made available via Google Drive access for a period of 6 months.
Re- subscription charges: 100 dollars ( No certificate, no support, only online lectures)

Mastering CBCT in Dentistry (ONLINE)

It gives me immense pleasure to express my feedback to the course "Proficiency In CBCT" by Dr. Alok Lathi and IDEC. Being a newcomer in the arena of dento-maxillo-facial radiology this provided me with a boost of confidence. It is composed and implemented with utmost thoroughness and expertise. Being a pre-recorded series of lectures it gave me the liberty to take the course according to my schedule. Watching a recorded module could never have felt like participating in the lecture until now. The depth of the subject, intimidating areas, required consensus and information has been covered in detail and proper citations. I enjoyed the entire experience from basics to clinical cases and would highly recommend it to those who aspire to become proficient in the field of this technology.

Dr Firdous Shaikh
30 June 2020
7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Description :

Module I (2 hours) (4 lectures)

a. Module1, Lecture 1 
Radiation physics and quality of X rays in CBCT, and basics of CBCT machine.

b. Module1, Lecture 2
Radiation hazards and radiation dose in CBCT.

c. Module1, Lecture 3
Patient and Imaging Protocols, Guidelines of American , European and Indian Academy of Maxillofacial Radiology and Handling of CBCT data.

d. Module1, Lecture 4
Advantages and Limitations of CBCT


Module II (2.5 hrs) (2 lectures)

• Module 2, Lecture 1
Anatomy to read CBCT

• Module2, Lecture 2
How to read CBCT data?


Module III (2 hrs) (1 lecture)

Implant planning with CBCT.


Module IV (2 hrs) (1 lecture)

3D imaging in Endodontics


Module V (2 hrs) (1 lecture)

Interpreting the CBCT data for
assessment of
a. Presurgical site analysis.
b. Pathologies of the jaw.
c. TMJ assessment.
d. Periodontics.
e. The art of radiological report
writing for pathology, TMJ and impacted
teeth analysis.

12 June 2022
7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Description :

This is an ONLINE COURSE. 

The course is open for registrations till 2022

Once you register, you will have access to the course material for 6 months from the date of registration.