A - Z of Hard & Soft Tissue Management

Short Courses Module Based Course Clinical Course
Description :-

This course is designed to help dentists who place implants to take their practice to the next level.
It helps understand the science, techniques and associated complications attending to augmentation procedures.
Candidates would get an insight to applied anatomy, evidence and science based logic when choosing biomaterials, decision making when treatment planning a case as to which technique, which biomaterial and time frame to complete the case.
The course would comprise lectures, RAW surgical videos, sharing available evidence in literature and a hands-on component.
People who have undertaken our courses have attained confidence in talking bone and soft tissue procedures related to implant dentistry.

CPD Points : 0
Target Audience :-
Dentists who practice implants
Learning Objectives :-

Module 1 (Online)

• Clinical and applied anatomy for the implant dentist
• Requisitioning and reading a CBCT
• How to decide which graft to choose and why
• The single/multiple Anterior Maxillary Defect
• Decision making between flapless & open flap surgery
• Decision between simultaneous vs staged graft and implant placement
• Tissue preservation vs. tissue regeneration
• Densah drills, science and principles
• SRA (Sequential Ridge Augmentation)

Module 2 (Online)

• Block grafts review of literature
• Osteo-periosteal flaps - ‘The Book Flap’
• Ridge splits
• Strip gingival grafts and their relevance
• CPH (Controlled Palatal Harvest) protocols
• Simultaneous GBR and soft tissue grafts
• Principles and skills in muco-gingival procedures after bone augmentation
• Vertical Augmentation of the Anterior Maxilla with ‘Tent Pole concept’
• Preservation and regeneration of the peri-implant papilla
• Horizontal and Vertical Ridge Augmentation using Titanium mesh
• Reconstruction of the edentulous maxilla
• Reconstruction of the vestibule and the Keratinized tissue. The Modified Apically Positioned Flap (MAPF)
• Sinus Augmentation - crestal and window technique, science and protocols

Module 3 (Online)

• Vascularized pedicled grafting
• Peri-implantitis and protocol for treatment
• The posterior mandibular augmentation - the ‘Bone Swing technique’ & ‘Khoury technique’
• Augmentation in cases with sinus pathology
• Management of large membrane tears
• Endoscopic evaluation in the dental chair, principles and practice
• The diagnosis and management of difficulties and complications in sinus and ridge augmentation
• Haemorrhage control utilizing the ‘MIDAS’ protocol

Module 4 (Hands On at IDEC Academy)

Hands On date : 7th March 2021
Please find details for the same in the "Agenda" section


Other Information :-
- Dates & slots will be provided for the 3 additional 1 hour online Q & A sessions. This will be separate from the hands on component - Lunch & Hi Tea will be provided. - Access to online modules will be available upto 6 months post registration. - Attractive offers on biomaterials/implants & an early bird discount for the first 10 registrants! - For hands on, participants will need to bring: Blade handle, tissue forcep, slow speed handpiece, needle holder, scissor, 5 0 suture, Periosteal elevator,chisel, mallet. PLEASE FIND BELOW THE AGENDA FOR MODULE 4 HANDS ON AT IDEC ACADEMY
Date Start Time End Time Faculty Name
07 March 2021 9:00 am 6:00 pm Neel Bhatavadekar,Yazad Gandhi

- Registration fee once paid is non refundable.
- Hands On dates are subject to change with prior notice (due to the prevalent pandemic)

A - Z of Hard & Soft Tissue Management

Dr Sandeep Singh
Dr Hemant Yadav
07 March 2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Description :

The following topics will be covered in the hands on:

1. Connective tissue harvest and adaptation
2. VIP CT graft technique
3. Greater palatine vessel ligation
4. Osseodensification
6. Sinus Augmentation (Decision making for flaps and window location/design)
7. Sinus Membrane repair and Loma-Linda technique
8. Sinus membrane repair ‘Modified Cul-De-Sac’ technique
9. GBR (sausage technique/tuberosity harvest/membrane stabilization)